I can make the webcam ps3eye work in the test mode, but when I try to us it in yahoo it wont work and it wont work in the amcap ether. Excuse me, but i have a Playstation Eye camera. I have a problem though. My Internet Explorer no longer launches , it gives the same tone that the driver update pop-up gives , and hangs. Brandon said this on April 12, at 8: Now the computer I tried to install it on is very old p3 mhz mb ram and with xp pro. Tyler said this on November 21, at 7:

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I run from Windows XP, not Vista, maybe this is the main problem? Carl said this on December 16, at 9: You can find it here: The Duke playstatiion this on March 20, at 2: To use high frame rate at least 60f, I still need to use your SDK.

Also, with your software installed on my pc my taskbar takes forever to load up after i restart windows. Neil said this on December 23, at By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


But I have a problem currently. Some, pleassssssse helpp me out if you can and get back to me at crvntsj yahoo.

Hey, thanks for the driver! They fixed the issue and I uploaded the setup file again. Paul said this on October 8, at Maybe you could check with the person who wrote the driver and see if it means anything to him?

Karl said this on December 28, at Can it be fixed? Why is the PS3Eye driver time-bombed?

How to Use the PS3 Eye on Skype

Again, our big hugs and, thanks! I am running Vista 64 Bit Home Personal and everything is current. Jay said this on December 17, at 1: Denne exe-filen installerer driverne du trenger. Barman said this on January 11, at 7: James, are you running it in debug mode?

Sony PS3 Eye – beginners – openFrameworks

Cyber said this on March 29, at 4: When I do this my cam is stable and will not cut out for my entire session in flash based video sites. So might have to ask AlexP about this. Aaron said this on November 30, at Everything is as it should be in the device manager.


Keep the good work, sir!

GMail can bring it up, although after I try accessing it with Gmail, AMCap playstatikn longer works black screen, times out, says another instance of Visual Studio is running?

Desperately Seeking Snoozin said this on October 24, at 9: Hi Alex, Thank you for your job.

Douglas said this on November 29, at 7: Nico said this on January 29, at 5: I as well still have the get update message appearing after I uninstalled the programs as well as the driver?