Please enter your comment! To get into Formula One, a driver needs talent, A couple of championships in the junior class, experience and the most important — sponsors. Rikky stayed in the category for two seasons. Since then he had only 4 race finishes, 6 non-finishes and failed to qualify on 3 occasions. In three seasons, he could never achieve a significant result. Motorsport Network Buy tickets Store. However, the Minardi team replaced him in one race of , in Hungary, so that he could practice for the final races.

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Alex Yoong at KL Minardi Asiatech presentation

It was to be another did-not-finish but this time Yoong’s effort was twarted by gear box failure while he was lying 19th after running almost half distance 35 laps in the 73 lap race. Not older than his competitors.

On his team mate Fernando Alonso who has been touted by many to be extremely talented and would be a future world champion. Kicking off our Worst F1 pay driver list is Alex Yoong. Yoong is now an F1 pundit, often providing insight into F1 from time to time. In the following season, due to a disagreement with his team, he decided to leave Formula 1 and join th Indy Car Series, of which he became champion inreturning to F1 in After only three races inhe replaced the second driver of Brabham and became the teammate of Argentine Carlos Reutemann whose driving performance he could not get even close.


However, Yoong ended the season with two retirements and a 16th place finish and was beaten by Alonso on 2 occasions.

Alex Yoong season review

Jim Clark did that in With those three ingredients, Alain Prost has become one of the best Formula 1 drivers ever. I must thank all my past and present sponsors, my government, my family and friends as well as all those who supported me who have all been part of making this possible.

Second is Marco Apicella who holds a singular record. He signed for Minardi thanks to sponsorship from the government-backed Magnum Corporation. He partnered Fernando Alonso and they raced until the end of the season. This would do Minardi no harm at all.

The dirty dozen: Worst drivers in F1 history

He is the only French driver to be an F1 champion. How come he got all those achievements at early ages? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: To allex four world championships, Hamilton adds a remarkable record.

Those numbers alone prove how fast and consistent his driving was. In Australia he was found guilty of blocking Rubens Barrichello during qualifying. The most prestigious car racing category in the world demands great driving skills plus boldness and strategy.

However, in his only Formula 1 season, he deserved to be on this list. He became the teammate of Takuma Sato, another Japanese F1 driver.


But besides the pain from the cramp, the Wrst circuit is the toughest of the 17 circuits in terms of physical demands on the drivers. And he’s not too shabby on the pace either.

This Italian race driver had four seasons in the European Formula with alez good but not outstanding results. He had a terrible accident in Monza inof which, many thought he would never recover.

Please enter your comment! That, however, is to be expected for me coming in at the tail end of the season. Getting into F1 is no easy task, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it.

Taki Inoue does not agree to figure third in this list. All of Malaysia has good reason to be proud of Alex’s performances this season, and f11 he has the winter to work on his race fitness and build up those all-important testing miles. There has been little information about his health condition since he had a terrible ski accident in Schumacher had a long career with races and had great cars like Benetton and Ferrari.