The power requirements are high on all Athlon system boards so a W or better power supply will be needed for optimal stability with the A7VE. Using slightly stricter settings resulted in failed boot-ups. Asus should have paid better attention to detail and came out with a better-engineered board than one with a backward PCI slot in the name of ACR. We ran the board continuously for well over 16 hours with Prime95 and SETI both taxing the system simultaneously. It also sports an upgraded South bridge which is now ATA compliant. Let’s see how they shaped up.

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If you’re looking for a solid, feature-laden motherboard, you can do considerably worse than the A7VE.

Sound probs with A7V266-E

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Another fan header sits just to the right of the floppy port. We’d much rather s7v266-e the floppy port grouped with the other IDE ports.

The overall layout of the board is also done with the user in mind as everything is ergonomically laid out for ease of use. By reducing the multiplier to 8x, we were able to hit a stable FSB of Mhz. Looks like it was the iPanel all along.

It’s the same as the KTA in all other respects. We ran the board continuously for well over 16 hours with Prime95 and SETI both taxing the system simultaneously.


This is Asus’ interpretation of how a KTA should look and perform. I have yet to even see or hear of a market ready ACR slot product available so this is wasted real estate and should have been the home of a sixth PCI slot.

What was the best tech product of ? We’re running the Valley of the Jaguar Timedemo included in the publicly available demo.

Review: Asus A7VE RAID Motherboard – Mainboard –

Benchmarks Our trusty synthetic friend, SiSoft Sandra, leads the way. Another observation we made was that the board takes a while to power up once the power switch is depressed, longer than any other board we’ve had in the labs.

The bulk of Asus’ revenue is accrued from the OEM channel. Through preliminary tests we were able to a7v266-ee that SETI is extremely sensitive to memory bandwidth. Although latency is cut in half, you do sacrifice some security as RAID 0, by it’s very nature, has no redundancy.

ASUS A7VE – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KTA Overview – CNET

When set to 1. We see the mark barrier breached once more courtesy of an overclocked XP Shifting large amounts of data from system memory to processor is the name of the game here, Let’s see how they compare when racing to calculate Pi to 10 million decimal places. It seems Asus’ lack of bandwidth is negatively impacting on results. Although the memory benchmarks hinted at a difference, we are still surprised to see 7av266-e almost 3 seconds behind the MSI albeit running asynchronously.


Will the trend that we’ve observed so far continue a7v266-ee Impressive results from a stock-clocked Geforce 3 Ti It appears as if the better memory optimisations, coupled with running memory asynchronously, really help the MSI here.

This one takes a while to complete. This is something that should be addressed and sounr come to light in the possible K7VF model.

ASUS A7V266-E – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A Series

I’m a complete noob when it comes to electronics but all my solder joints look clean. We’re somewhat under-whelmed by the performance of the Asus with the stock XP.

Introduction Features Installation Performance Conclusion. Three Kings is the DVD of choice, it’s mixture of action and dialogue make it an excellent benchmarking test.

Asus have worked hard to gain this enviable reputation, work that has seen them leap to become to 1 manufacturer of PC motherboards world-wide. Perhaps we’re being a bit over-critical, but we’ve seen some truly excellent motherboards come through the door recently.

The layout of the board is generally good with the exception of a7v2666-e oddly placed floppy drive port.